A tale of two POS’

Well it’s not actually a tale; it is only that the last two BTA fleet ops both had to do something with POS‘. The first one was an op to destroy a POS tower someone forgot to disassemble before leaving the area and the second op was about looking at a POS that got reinforced and hoping for a fight.

In both cases there wasn’t a fight, but we still had a nice time on comms (and I could make a few screenshots).

The tale of two POS' 2013. 2013. 2013.


Syndi roams

The story of 2 roams


I was happy to be able to participate in two more roams. The first one was technically not really a roam. It was just us trying to set up a fleet to break a large low-sec gate camp. Sadly we didn’t have enough people in fleet to be able to have any chance of succeeding. Our FC therefore spoke with others who were also interested in breaking that camp and we did form a fleet together with them. It was quite a nice sight!



The eyes we had on the target gate-camp weren’t cloaky though so our reshipping to armor and combining fleets left the campers with enough time to summon help which came in the form of a fleet even larger than the gate camp. We did manage to get a straggling Abaddon from the gate-campers before their two fleets got us in a pincer movement. We got unbelievable lucky as the supporting  fleet didn’t engage us on gate but instead jumped through to combine with the gate-campers. This gave us the time to dock up. We later just undocked in pods and warped away. This mass-undocking of ours even managed to scare their fleet away 0:)

It was a really nice fleet! Hope to see another like it soon!

The second roam was just yesterday where a BTA shield BC fleet of some 10 pilots roamed into the northern part of Syndicate. Sadly it was pretty quiet and we didn’t manage to get into any fight so we went up into the BMN pocket where we finally got some attention (from Goons) who annihilated our 10 man BC fleet.


2013. 2013.

What I did like was that we finally got more and more people to roam more often and that each fleet this and last week so far had a different FC. Go you guys! 🙂

Cruiser Roam – my first flight with an Omen

I was very happy that I could get into another fleet yesterday evening. It was an ACAC fleet and it was the first time I was flying an Omen. We went into low-sec with the fleet and found a fight near Gonditsa where there were two other large fleets battling it out. We first took a peek and saw that they were much stronger than us (they had double the number of Guardians than we had Augurors). There was a vote if we should suicide and it was decided to go for it and so we did.

We died in a blaze of fire, but it was quite a nice fight and an impressive fleet. Especially congrats to our FC and Scouts!! I hope to see another one of these soon (I already just now bought the modules for another Omen) 0:-)

2013. 2013. Cruiser Roam

Demolition Derby

I have been out of the dark EVE Universe for quite some time know and only poked in again yesterday and was quite happy to find me a BTA Frig roam. Here are some screenshots from this Demolition Derby which was mostly a fleet to help train new FCs. For that it was quite nice, as we managed to evade 2 larger fleets in Fountain before suicide in Period Bases.

The TCU in the first pic is a TEST one (guys plz get an alliance logo – those make for much nicer screenshot 0:-) )

2013. Fleet boss 2013. 2013. 2013. 2013.

I finally managed to get myself to try out FCing and had my first try at it yesterday. I stared it with advertising the roam via our forum:

>>> secure connection opening ..
>>> transmission commencing ..

Dear BTA pilots,

Solitude our quiet and remote home has a is also the home of countless Gallente people who do have the same problems like us: namely living in the same remote location far away from the other Gallente regions. So most of their foodstuff is produced locally. Sadly Solitude high-sec doesn’t offer many oceanic worlds to fish-food is not very prominent which makes beef very important. Sadly some local cows have contracted the mad-cow disease for which treatment is unfortunately quite costly. So when I heard that a new form of treatment is being tested by Duvolle labs I decided that we – as Solitude residents – should help in this research project which involves ferrying some research-livestock which has been treated with the new active ingredients on our ships through as many warps as possible to test if it hyperspace fluctuations can make the vaccine even more potent in the test cows.

If you are willing to help, please proceed to (censored) station on Saturday May 5th at 18:00 EVE time in a Destroyer with enough cargo space left for the unit of livestock.

Thank you in advance for your help in this research project!


>>> EOF
>>> connection closed

This Mad-Cow destroyer roam is meant to be a fun-event which will surely end in lots of explosions on our side (especially as it is my first roam) so please make sure your destroyers are insured and that you do use implant-less and up-to-date clones!

To entice you into giving it a try I have some prices for participants as well! Prices will be: 1x Hound, 1 x Taranis, 1x Purifier, 1-2 Thrashers.

All ships are BTA products (the thrashers come from my own production line whereas the t2 frigates have been produced by no one less than the esteemed BTC director swisstuck which could make them collector-items as well  8) ).

The winners will be announced after the roam. I can already announce two categories though:

One Thrasher will go to the first person in fleet – so don’t be late  😉

Another ship will go to whoever gets killed first  😮

Hope to see you soon!




The advertisement did manage to get 18 pilots into fleet which was quite a lot considering that they were all flying to their doom with me doing this for my first time ..

The MadCow fleet undocking


Thankx guys for having me!! It was a huuuuge fleet and I was very happy to many of you did make it!! My last try at a fleet got me not a single pilot so I was very happy to see so many of you guys this time!

We had 18 in fleet which is quite a nice showing!!

The cow-fleet undocking

Sadly the cows weren’t too happy because quite soon they would turn into beef (as promised). Though I do hope that at least Duvolle got enough research data to get a vaccine for the madcow disease  😉

For the first part of the roam I had planned on flying through low-sec and using a bait-badger to entice a pirate to attack and then to pounce on him. Sadly there was quite a lot of activity going on and when I did get a Cane to aggress the bait-badger the warp was sadly too long (or the tank of the badger too weak) and the badger died first.

Also he did get backup so we had to retreat back to high-sec and lost ships during retreat 😦

Valiantly some of those who lost their destroyers did reship! Go them!

As bad luck would have it our voice server decided to break down and we had to visit another one which did cost us some time. Due to this I tried speeding things up a bit (fearing bored pilots) which in retrospect was probably not the best idea either.

Our next try was to go to Syndicate with where we had reports on a Stabber and some ratters.

We first went into the direction of the stabber and did manage to hunt him down. Sadly those of us that got close enough to the stabber in time wheren’t equipped with points, so he did escape  😥 (Instead he fell prey to another gang in system).

I was quite anxious the whole time and so time went by very fast. We had to make a short break and docked up for that.

Fleet undocking after a 10min break.

I got the report of a large gate-camp in one of the adjacent systems and therefore decided to check out the other one to which a Phantasm was moving. Some of us did manage to engage the Phantasm which promptly jumped through the gate.
There I made another mistake: I told the fleet to jump after it (hoping to catch it on the other side and not believing on there being a gate-camp as well). Luck wasn’t with me: there was a gate camp on the over side of this gate as well 😦

As I still had an aggression timer I couldn’t follow myself and didn’t see the size of the gate-camp. I guess I should have tried to get  us at least some kill from that gate camp instead I ordered the pilots either to re-approach the gate or to try to get out of the bubble. This resulted in all hands being lost regardless.

The loss on eve-kill.

The few of us that did escape (hadn’t jumped through because of aggression timers) when retreating found out that the third gate of the system (in the direction of our home) also had a gate camp. Seems various fleets managed to box us in quite well while we had our bio-break.

So all in all I am a bit of a sad panda: So many cows lost and no real kill for us :-\

Some MMMOOOOOs in local where had though 😉

At least I had some prizes to give away at the end of the fleet (which actually lasted nearly 3 hours instead of the 1 hour I thought it would last).

Feedback and tips are welcome!


First travels into Syndicate

Black Thorne Corporation is always trying to offer its members opportunities to experience the dark universe of New Eden to its fullest (with the exception of griefing, scamming and such). We are especially trying to grow more combat-wise (pvp). Due to the hard work of Ossmo together with other alliance pilots can now offer our pilots even more possibilities than before, while working together with more experienced combat pilots. We already were doing excursions into Syndicate once in a while but now have an as-of-yet unprecedented number of active pilots there.

Even I have finally managed to get into more action and am therefore quite happy to be able to post some camera-drone images from my latest travels to Syndicate.

For more info on Syndicate I would like to point out these two nice blog posts:

Azual Skoll’s Syndicate post  as well as the one by the master-poster Jester himself.

Corpie patrolling a gate in Syndicate.

Hostile bubbles on a region-gate.

In rust I trust – my Cane.

Thankx especially to the FreeBeer guys! 🙂

Happy times in corp

We do have quite some happy times in corp. We seem to get more and more pvp activity and back in our home systems the activity is also quite refreshing to see. We even had an incursion by Sansha slavers in a constellation near and quite a lot of fleets did form to defend the poor Gallente people who were their target.

Yesterday’s incursion fleet was in for a surprise though. Just as we finished forming up the Sansha masters decided to recall their fleets. Instead of disbanding our fleet though Deth instead encouraged us to stay for a few missions and as we all already had been on voice for the anticipated Sansha-fight we stayed there even for “just” running missions. I really did like the nice chat we had there.

The shadow of a Raven battleship undocking for the mission op (I kinda like that one as it does remind me of the Shadow ships in Babylon5 0:-) ).

Nightmare on Larryn gate.

Battleships gather and another Apoc arrives on scene.

Burning for the acceleration gate (sadly I lost the race)

Deth’s Nighthawk is being targeted

Tornado firing away.

Go corpies! 🙂