First travels into Syndicate

Black Thorne Corporation is always trying to offer its members opportunities to experience the dark universe of New Eden to its fullest (with the exception of griefing, scamming and such). We are especially trying to grow more combat-wise (pvp). Due to the hard work of Ossmo together with other alliance pilots can now offer our pilots even more possibilities than before, while working together with more experienced combat pilots. We already were doing excursions into Syndicate once in a while but now have an as-of-yet unprecedented number of active pilots there.

Even I have finally managed to get into more action and am therefore quite happy to be able to post some camera-drone images from my latest travels to Syndicate.

For more info on Syndicate I would like to point out these two nice blog posts:

Azual Skoll’s Syndicate post  as well as the one by the master-poster Jester himself.

Corpie patrolling a gate in Syndicate.

Hostile bubbles on a region-gate.

In rust I trust – my Cane.

Thankx especially to the FreeBeer guys! 🙂


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  1. Akrasjel Lanate


    February 8, 2012 at 14:43

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