Happy times in corp

We do have quite some happy times in corp. We seem to get more and more pvp activity and back in our home systems the activity is also quite refreshing to see. We even had an incursion by Sansha slavers in a constellation near and quite a lot of fleets did form to defend the poor Gallente people who were their target.

Yesterday’s incursion fleet was in for a surprise though. Just as we finished forming up the Sansha masters decided to recall their fleets. Instead of disbanding our fleet though Deth instead encouraged us to stay for a few missions and as we all already had been on voice for the anticipated Sansha-fight we stayed there even for “just” running missions. I really did like the nice chat we had there.

The shadow of a Raven battleship undocking for the mission op (I kinda like that one as it does remind me of the Shadow ships in Babylon5 0:-) ).

Nightmare on Larryn gate.

Battleships gather and another Apoc arrives on scene.

Burning for the acceleration gate (sadly I lost the race)

Deth’s Nighthawk is being targeted

Tornado firing away.

Go corpies! 🙂


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