Syndi roams

The story of 2 roams


I was happy to be able to participate in two more roams. The first one was technically not really a roam. It was just us trying to set up a fleet to break a large low-sec gate camp. Sadly we didn’t have enough people in fleet to be able to have any chance of succeeding. Our FC therefore spoke with others who were also interested in breaking that camp and we did form a fleet together with them. It was quite a nice sight!



The eyes we had on the target gate-camp weren’t cloaky though so our reshipping to armor and combining fleets left the campers with enough time to summon help which came in the form of a fleet even larger than the gate camp. We did manage to get a straggling Abaddon from the gate-campers before their two fleets got us in a pincer movement. We got unbelievable lucky as the supporting  fleet didn’t engage us on gate but instead jumped through to combine with the gate-campers. This gave us the time to dock up. We later just undocked in pods and warped away. This mass-undocking of ours even managed to scare their fleet away 0:)

It was a really nice fleet! Hope to see another like it soon!

The second roam was just yesterday where a BTA shield BC fleet of some 10 pilots roamed into the northern part of Syndicate. Sadly it was pretty quiet and we didn’t manage to get into any fight so we went up into the BMN pocket where we finally got some attention (from Goons) who annihilated our 10 man BC fleet.


2013. 2013.

What I did like was that we finally got more and more people to roam more often and that each fleet this and last week so far had a different FC. Go you guys! 🙂


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