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Angel Dreams


Finally not too long ago I did manage to finish the Angel Pirate Arc line of missions. For me that is quite some achievement, as I have started those missions a year ago and only now did complete them.

So it was some time ago that this Scholar was talking to Aton Hordner via direct link to his Tempest. I am no Angel pirate sympathizer, but I do wanted to help my people and judging from the info Aton was giving me, helping the Angels was helping the lesser of two evils.

The missions went quite ok up until I was sent against Demense who destroyed my trusty Stiletto. Not one to give up soon a week later I tried again in a Wolf. But when that got destroyed as well I didn’t return the week after that. And weeks became months and that month became a year when I finally tried again. My trying again was mostly due to Wensely mentioning that he had flown through these missions without much trouble. That got me to try them again and finally (this time in a Dramiel) I did it!

It was the first time ever I tried a faction ship as well and it was quite some experience.

With it I did manage to get that pilot down and could enjoy scouting out interesting research sites like the one below.

I can only recommend these mission arks as they at least from nearly all missions do tell a bit of a story.

Before embarking on it just don’t forget to read one of the nice guides like the EVE Uni one!