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Cruiser Roam – my first flight with an Omen

I was very happy that I could get into another fleet yesterday evening. It was an ACAC fleet and it was the first time I was flying an Omen. We went into low-sec with the fleet and found a fight near Gonditsa where there were two other large fleets battling it out. We first took a peek and saw that they were much stronger than us (they had double the number of Guardians than we had Augurors). There was a vote if we should suicide and it was decided to go for it and so we did.

We died in a blaze of fire, but it was quite a nice fight and an impressive fleet. Especially congrats to our FC and Scouts!! I hope to see another one of these soon (I already just now bought the modules for another Omen) 0:-)

2013. 2013. Cruiser Roam