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Roids are burning

In more quiet days than those we are having now, some industries corp mates did set up a huge mining op which was open for all alliance members. Like in all of our mining ops all miners/haulers/booster do get equal shares no matter what ship they are in. This is especially to help pilots new in New Eden who are invited as well even should they just fly a Bantam! The nice part about mining is more the social aspect anyway and the chatter in fleet chat as well as in voice was quite nice too and also a nice opportunity for new members to get to know the other corp mates.

I can only recommend such ops to any corp with industry activities.

I better don’t contemplate too much an all the heat of the above lasers and how dangerous it was for our mining vessels to navigate through all of them!

I wouldn’t like to be one of those roids there …

Our hero hauling Orcas! 🙂